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We open applications for clinical research coordinators about three times per year, for psychological raters about twice per year, and for psychiatrists about once per year.  We do not have any open positions at this time.

▾ Clinical Research Coordinator

Adams Clinical, a research site specializing in Phase II and III psychiatric drug testing on humans is seeking entry level applicants for a coordinator position.

Job Requirements:

  • Have a bachelor’s degree from a 4-year college.

You should only apply for this job if you are planning on attending medical school, law school, or a graduate degree program in psychology in the next 1-2 years. Several research coordinators who work here currently attend postbac premed programs. Research coordinators work with psychiatrists, psychologists, regulatory counsel, and many other research coordinators who are in the middle of applying to graduate and medical school.

Pay starts at $50,000/yr with benefits (health insurance, 401k, monthly t pass, uber to/from work provided, overtime).

If you recently graduated from a graduate degree program you may also be a candidate. Higher salary is negotiable with candidates who possess degrees in addition to their bachelors degree.

▾ Psychiatrist

Psychiatrist – Industry-Sponsored Clinical Research

Adams Clinical is hiring a board-certified/eligible psychiatrist for our expanding research practice focused on late phase industry-sponsored trials of psychiatric drugs. Adams is a rapidly growing, research-only site located in Watertown, MA just outside of Boston/Cambridge. Adams specializes in complex clinical trials in mood disorders, with several ongoing clinical trials testing rapid-acting antidepressants targeting novel neural mechanisms. In addition, Adams conducts trials for indications including pediatric ADHD and depression, substance use disorders, and eating disorders.   About 20% of participants are in clinical trials with placebo controls.

Description of Duties and Typical Day:

Psychiatrists take a lead role as sub-investigator or principal investigator, overseeing staff members to ensure that trials are conducted safely and with high fidelity to the prescribed protocol. In addition to the responsibilities listed below, opportunities exist for regular travel to industry and academic conferences.


(120-180 minutes/day) 40%: Diagnostic and outcome assessment of research participants using standardized interview measures (e.g., SCID, KSADS, MADRS, Y-BOCS, YMRS).

(90-135 minutes/day) 30%: General trial oversight, including delivery of investigational product, informed consent, and other regularly paperwork as needed.

(60-90 minutes/day) 20%: Participant recruitment and retention, including prescreening to assess eligibility.

(30-45 minutes/day) 10%: Independent research and attending industry conferences.

Total: 300-450 minutes/day.

On average a psychiatrist will speak to about 13 people per day in person and 3 over the phone: 5 of the 13 people per day for 20-30 minute assessments, another 5 of the 13 people per day to discuss and document new medications they are taking or adverse events they are experiencing, and the 3 remaining people per day the psychiatrist will discuss or change medication dosage for.

Psychologists refer calls to a psychiatrist when the psychologist needs guidance on a medication-related exclusion criteria.  A psychiatrist talks to about 3 people per day over the phone who have demonstrated an interest in participating in a clinical trial and have already spoken to a PhD psychologist.

Position Details:

This is a full-time position and a business with standard operating hours always between 8am and 6pm M-F.  There is absolutely no on-call schedule or weekend work.  Applicants should anticipate a 35-40 hour work week, with schedule flexibility possible.

This is a particularly good position for someone who has just finished residency.


Minimum Requirements:

Licensed or license-eligible medical doctor in the state of Massachusetts

Board-certified or board-eligible in psychiatry

No experience in clinical research needed


Starting salary range: 300K/year

A full benefit package is provided for all employees, including health insurance, 401K, unlimited leave time, and Uber to/from work.

▾ Clinical Scientist

Adams Clinical, a research site specializing in late phase psychiatric drug testing, is seeking applicants for a clinical scientist role.

Job Requirements:

  • Have a PhD in a psychology-related field. Licensure is not required.
  • Be available to work 9-5 weekdays in our office in Watertown, Massachusetts.

Clinical scientists spend the majority of their time working with two psychologists and two psychiatrists to perform psychiatric rating scales on study participants.  Study participants are generally people of all ages suffering from depression, although the site conducts research on drugs to treat other illnesses such as addiction, anxiety, and sexual dysfunction.  Clinical scientists also spend time analyzing study and recruitment data in order to inform strategy discussions with management.

No experience or licensure required to apply. All employees are able to be supervised by psychiatrist principal investigators or PhD psychologists if they are seeking licensure.

This is a salaried position. Pay starts at $80,000/yr with benefits (health insurance, 401k, monthly t pass, uber to/from work provided).

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